Our Story

PekaSys was founded in 2007 when it brought German wastewater technology to the U.S. There were many hurdles to bringing the technology to North America, but the most glaring problem was the controller. The German controller was far more advanced than the American counterparts, which created a problem when it came time to train the installers. Since it was so different from what they knew, they initially rejected the technology outright.

PekaSys remade the controller to look more like the other controllers on the market. This broke down the resistance to the product, attracting customers. However, the simpler technology came at a cost: ability to troubleshoot.

PekaSys then developed a technology that would monitor system conditions and report it over the internet. This product would now be called part of the “Internet of Things” (IoT).

Today, PekaSys offers IoT consulting in addition to developing products on its own. PekaSys is now focused in Smart Home and Urban Agriculture technologies.